Welcome to a tour of our amateur radio installation, including our antennas, ham shack, amplifiers, transformers and other components we have built.  

Fred, WA7TZY, has been a licensed ham for over 50 years, and Susan, WB7BST, got her first ticket over 40 years ago.  We're both Amateur Extras, and enjoy operating from 1.8MHz to 5760MHz. We also enjoy designing and building antennas and equipment, as well as refurbishing classic Technical Materiel Corporation (TMC) commercial transmitters.

We have some items not related to amateur radio. The Hydro Power tab includes photos of the Snoqualmie Falls hydro power facility in the state of Washington, which began service in 1898 and is still in operation. Don't forget to check out our other hobby - you might be surprised!  Like all sites, ours is a work in progress and will eventually contain images of our vacuum tube collection from the 1940s and 1950s. 

We're always adding projects to the site, so please visit us now and then.  If you have comments or questions, please contact us at tzymail@frontier.com.

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